IIC3757 Minería de Procesos (Process Mining)


Faster visits to the hospital, fraud detection in banking, bottleneck analysis in a company, … all that can be achieved with Process Mining. This course is an introduction to Process Mining, a discipline that aims to discover, monitor and improve real end-to-end processes (i.e., not assumed processes) by extracting knowledge from event data readily available in today’s information systems. Process mining techniques have been applied to processes in a wide range of real-life contexts: health-care, public administration, education, airports, banking, logistic, to mention just a few examples. This course presents the state-of-the-art techniques, methodologies, algorithms, and software, in the field, and brings to the student the opportunity to apply Process Mining in a real context.

IIC2733 Modelos de Procesos (Process Models)

The course focuses on teaching the students about the business processes in the companies, providing both a general overview and detailed knowledge on how the things are done. The business processes in a company must be a faithful representation of the company strategy and are the base of the technological infrastructure. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the process layer. A change in the process has a direct impact in the strategic and operational performance indicators of the systems, the data bases, and the networks.