Replay using Recomposition

Replay using Recomposition, a novel Decomposed Alignment-based Conformance Checking tool that can be used to compute alignments and fitness. Recomposing Conformance can be configured to provided an exact fitness value but also a fitness interval. It is available since ProM 6.7.

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OpyenXes is a complete open-source python library for the Extensible Event Stream (XES) standard, the event log standard for Process Mining. Source, documentation, and library can be found in

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PALIA-ER: Bringing Question-Driven Process Mining Closer to the Emergency Room

PALIA-ER, a web-based tool for question-driven process mining in Emergency Room. PALIA-ER uses Palia discovery algorithm and includes model simplification and filtering features specially domain-specific for ER. Most PALIA-ER functionalities can be easily applied to other interdisciplinary contexts such as other healthcare units, education, or logistics. More information here.


IntHealth helps identify the executed process in ER, through data mining and process mining techniques, and include a series of rules to predict the discharge hospitalization of patients based on historical information stored in event logs. It enables ER experts to improve their knowledge of the process and help them make better and faster decisions. Including data mining rules for predicting hospitalization and process mining techniques in IntHealth, can reduce waiting times by discharging patients for hospitalization faster and releasing ER boxes.

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ResRec, a novel Multi-factor Criteria tool that can be used to recommend and allocate resources dynamically. ResRec is a decision maker-oriented approach that provides the feature of solving individual requests (On-demand), or requests made in blocks (Batch) through a recommender system developed in ProM.

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Process Mining UC is collaborative part of the ProM initiative. ProM is an extensible framework that supports a wide variety of Process Mining techniques in the form of plug-ins. It is platform independent as it is implemented in Java, and can be downloaded free of charge. The process mining tools result of our research are available as plug-ins in ProM (mostly under the nightly-builds version). We welcome and support practical applications of those plug-ins, and we invite researchers and developers to contribute to ProM in the form of new plug-ins.

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